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Mr. Thomas F. Ryan ha two sons in our army, and is deeply interested in whatever pertains to the welfare of the military service. Mr. and Mrs. Ryanhave provided an extensive and comfortable Officers Home for the benefit of officers who are passing through New York en route to service overseas, and they are now building période attractive Officers Club at Camp Mills, the important Embarkation Camp near Mineola, Long I sland. Sometime ago in conversation with Mr. Ryan I expressed the belief that the greatest weakness of our young officers was their lack of practical knowledge and experience in the handling of men, and that there was no book known to me which covered this field. Mr. Ryan generously offered to publish a booklet on this subject étuve I would write it. The best part of this publication therefore the fact that it costs nothing to the officer who reads it is due to the generosity of Mr. Ryan.
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    Jerome Barraud

    Comme c'est gentil de l'avoir trouvé, le week-end prochain je commence à lire sûrement :)

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    Comment télécharger? Je ne le trouve pas :S

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    Nicolas Vial

    Facile à télécharger mais un peu contrarié le fait d'avoir se faire enregistrer...

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    Jessica Aubriot

    J'ai vraiment aimé ce livre, je le recommande à tout le monde!

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    Je l'ai eu physiquement il y a longtemps et je l'ai perdu, je voulais le relire mais sans payer encore. Merci!

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